If you find yourself needing to quickly learn a new NMC program, Service, Google Application, or just want to access information, check out the Knowledgebase on the NMC Employee homepage.  On the NMC Employee homepage scroll down and click on the drop down arrow on the section labeled “Tech Help Desk” then choose Technology Help Desk Knowledgebase.  This will send you to another page of the website where you will find a list of elearn modules, screencast videos, and Tip Sheets on many technologies used at NMC.

Faculty Grade-Entry

If you are new, or just unfamiliar with entering students grades as an instructor and need a quick run through of how to submit grades. Click on the “Faculty Grade-Entry” link in the knowledgebase. This will open up an eLearn Module. The eLearn Module is a fast and effective way to quickly get the hang of using a new program. The knowledgebase contains many of these eLearn Modules. 

Screencast Videos & Tip Sheets

There are also some screencast videos and tipsheets on the knowledgebase. The purpose of these videos and step by step guides are to quickly walk you through how to use some of the functions on the NMC Website and other NMC applications.  Take a moment now and check out the Technology Help Desk Knowledgebase