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What Will Students Remember from Your Class?

“Father Guido Sarducci – the character played by comedian Don Novello on Saturday Night Live in the 1970s – got some of his biggest laughs with a plan for a Five Minute University. Five years after they leave college, Sarducci noted, most graduates can only remember about five minutes’ worth of all the facts they crammed into their crania to pass exams, so why not cut to the chase?”

~Intro of Tomorrow’s Professor Msg.#1405 How Soon They Forget

sketch of a face asking questionSteven Yalisove, a professor of intro-level materials science engineering at the University of Michigan, combined peer-teaching and a modified flipped classroom strategy to directly impact student memory.

Best part of his approach?  NMC has everything needed to try it, including other instructors here that have used similar strategies successfully and can answer any nitty-gritty questions you may have.

If you are inspired to try this and/or other ideas you have for redesigning your courses this summer, you may also want to consider attending our first annual NMC courseDEV Institute, May 18-20.

Flyer with keynotes, session topics and how to register located HERE.

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