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Writing and Reading Center: Summer Hours

nmcwritting centerAs we gear up for the main 8-week session, remember to let your students know about the Writing and Reading Center. For the summer Writing and Reading Center hours will be Monday-Thursday from 10-2.

If you would like a tour of the center, or an in-class presentation about our services, let me know. I also have bookmarks available with our hours and contact information.

Additionally, we can help students better if we have a clear idea of what the purpose of each assignment is. Although we request students bring assignments with them, this does not always happen. If you know that students form your class will be visiting the WRC, please take a moment to send us copies of the assignment, plus any relevant materials (rubrics, instructions for the WRC outlines, grading criteria, etc.) You can either email them ot me or send them through interoffice mail.

Please let me know if you have anything we can help you with further. Thank you and have a wonderful summer~

Meagan Ward

Writing and Reading Center Coordinator

Co-Writing Director



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