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2018 Winter Conference Information and Links

This year’s Winter Conference focused on the non-cognitive issues that our students face. The NMC Reads book, Paying the Price, gave us the research to support what we have been seeing–our students face many challenges as they make their way through college. Mickie Jannazzo of Third Level spoke of those challenges in the larger region. Click here to see her slide presentation again 

Additionally, we were reminded of the many services available here on campus for students and reminded that we do not have to handle difficult situations alone. The following links will give you more information:

Finally, a number of people in one of the breakout sessions thought the video Mike Franklin shows his students at the beginning of the semester would be useful for all to see. It is called “How to Get the Most out of Studying.


Thanks again to all who presented and attended the 2018 Winter Conference. Have a great semester!


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