Last week we introduced you to the student experience here at NMC. This week we’d like to talk about some of the accommodations mentioned in the video and how you can make easy adjustments to your course in Moodle to address these issues.

Extended Time for Quizzes

There are two ways to accommodate the need for extended times, User Overrides and applying the Student No Time Limit role.

User Overrides

  1. Open your quiz.
  2. From the Settings menu, click on User Overrides.
  3. Click the Add user override button.
  4. Select the student.
  5. Adjust the Time Limit (note that you can also change the open and close dates).
  6. Click Save when finished.


Student No Time Limit Role

If you don’t require a set time limit or would like a blanket setting across all your quizzes, call EMT and have us apply the “Student No Time Limit” role to the student who needs the accommodation. Once applied, the student will not be timed on any of the quizzes in your course.

JavaScript, Quizzes, and Screen Readers

If you use the Browser security setting on your quizzes in Moodle, you will need to turn this off if you have a student that uses a screen reader or they will not be able to take the quiz.

The setting if found under edit settings for that quiz and then under Extra restrictions on attempts. This should be set to None. If you set it to “Full screen pop-up with some JavaScript security”, here’s what it does:

  • The quiz will only start if the student has a JavaScript enabled web-browser.
  • The quiz appears in a full screen pop-up window that covers all the other windows and has no navigation controls.
  • Students are prevented, from using copy and paste and are unable to highlight text needed for screen readers


Posting Your Course Notes

As suggested in the video, if you have notes for class that you can post in your Moodle shell, that can be very beneficial to those that have trouble taking them.

If your notes are in a Google doc you can use the share link and place it in your course using the URL resource.

If you have them in a Word doc, then you can add them into your course by using the File resource.

Recording Lectures

You can record your classroom lectures and post them online in your Moodle shell for students to refer back to and use to study.

Each classroom computer has TechSmith Relay (a.k.a. Camtasia Relay) already loaded onto it, however, you will need to check with EMT to make sure there is a microphone in the room and that your accounts are set up.

If you would like to record your lectures, contact EMT by putting in a help desk ticket stating that you would like to use Relay, or contact us via 995-3020.

Once you contact us, we will get your account with Relay and Ensemble Video setup, from there, you would:

  1. Open Relay on the classroom computer.null
  2. Login with your NMCid and password.
  3. Make sure Publish to Ensemble it selected.
  4. Record your lecture.
  5. When you are finished recording, press the Submit button.

Do not shut down the computer right away! You will need to give Relay time to process your video. If you shut down to quickly you will lose your file. It takes about 2 mins. per lecture hour for the file to process. (So for an hour lecture recording, you will need to wait 2 mins. before shutting it down).

We Are Here to Help

Need additional help understanding or applying accommodations?

  • Contact Leanne Baumler at 995-1929.
  • Educational Media Technologies through the NMC Technology Help Desk at 995-3020.