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Assessment Update

Pencil with rubricWelcome back from spring break. As we near the end of the semester, I wanted to take a little time and update you on a few assessment-related pieces of news. First, we have received comments on our report to the Higher Learning Commission, and they were very positive. They like what we are doing and appreciate all the effort that we are placing on how we do assessment of our general education outcomes, program outcomes and course-level outcomes. Thank you for all that you are doing on that front.

Second, please look for an opportunity to share your thoughts on the assessment process at upcoming department meetings. I, along with Kristen Salathiel and Joy Evans, will be scheduling time with the departments to talk to you about the assessment process and listen to your feedback. We have already had a great session with the Communications and Science & Math Departments, and look forward to engaging more departments in continuing conversations to make our assessment process better and more valuable.

Along that vein (hard to resist a good anatomy pun), the Assessment Team has made a minor change to how we are reporting our general education results. What has changed is the General Education Report Form has gone digital. This new Survey Monkey form allows faculty to designate the SLO category needing improvement and allows faculty later in the survey to identify whether that SLO assesses a GEO as well.

This will hopefully streamline this process for everyone. The Assessment Team is sending out further clarification on this.

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