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Selecting Outcomes

General Education Outcomes

The phrase “General Education” refers to the educational foundation of skills, knowledge, habits of mind, and values that prepare students for success in their majors and in their personal and professional lives upon transferring or graduating. At Northwestern Michigan College, the faculty have chosen to focus on three General Education Requirements. These are Communication, Critical Thinking,… Continue Reading General Education Outcomes



I would like to share with you a poem titled “Horizon.” It is from a book of poems by Rudy Francisco titled: Helium. I came across the book during a Read Harder challenge. I hope I haven’t already driven past my greatest moments. I hope there is something beautiful on the horizon that’s just as… Continue Reading Horizon

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Quests are King

Well, at least many students think they are very cool. I have slowly moved my courses to a quest-based assignment system. I have taken my regular assignments and tests and broken them up over the semester so students are doing many small things rather than a few big items, to determine their grade. Students have… Continue Reading Quests are King

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This is B%llSh!t

At what point do kids lose their interest in school? It happens, let’s not fool ourselves. How do we take a human, that is intensely curious of the world and grind that out of them? Watch any growing up and you can see them performing experiments constantly. The poke and prod. Push and pull. They… Continue Reading This is B%llSh!t