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Hacking a Learning Community

Have you ever thought there was a better way? Whether that be grading, asking questions, inquiry, teaching? I want to explore these topics, and more. I also want you to join me in this exploration. Therefore, I am creating a Learning Community to address these very issues. This Learning Community will read some interesting books,… Continue Reading Hacking a Learning Community


Conference Calling

I just returned from a conference of the National Association of Biology Teachers. This year the conference was in Chicago. It certainly makes it easy when the conferences are close by, hp the train in Grand Rapids, no fuss. I try my hardest to get to at least one conference a year. I think it… Continue Reading Conference Calling

wicked problem

Wicked – Not the Musical

How about centering education on a wicked problem rather than centering on a department or traditional major? Radical idea? We have discussed for quite some time now about tearing down the silos in education. Why is this such a hard thing to do? Perhaps it is because we have inherent silos with Departments and Majors.… Continue Reading Wicked – Not the Musical