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40 Years as a NMC Student

We are committed to the lifetime of learning mantra.  I started taking classes at NMC in 1978, taking a BASIC computer programming class in the basement of Scholar’s Hall.  After 40 years, this is likely my final semester as a full-time student.  In 2008, I retired from the Army with 33 months of education benefits,… Continue Reading 40 Years as a NMC Student

last warning

This is Your Last Warning!

“This is your last warning.”  That is a line I heard a lot last night while watching The Walking Dead.  Of course, it never really was the last warning, because they kept repeating it for every situation.  As the semester goes into its 11th week, I was thinking about all the “last warnings” I had… Continue Reading This is Your Last Warning!


I Really Don’t Care

In the movie Peggy-Sue Got Married, Peggy-Sue went back in time to her high-school days.  One of the memorable scenes is when she met her high-school math teacher.  She stated that she knew, for a fact, that she would never need to use math again in her life, so his class was not important.  I… Continue Reading I Really Don’t Care


Read a Book

A student mentioned the other day that he had learned more in the last 8 weeks of class than he learned in all of high school.  I am not sure how active he was in his high school classes, but I never saw him doing homework outside of the classroom.  He also said that he… Continue Reading Read a Book


Keep coming back

The semester is winding down and the panic is setting in.  There seems to be the immediate need to catch-up with the material.  I was asked today if we are going to review all the stuff we learned in the semester.   There was a disconnect in viewing the current learning objectives as progressions of previous… Continue Reading Keep coming back