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Army Football Player

Waiting for the Last Minute

If you wait until the last minute, then it only takes a minute.  I had a student tell me that when I first started teaching physics at West Point.  One would think that more preparation would be involved when our country’s military cadets faced challenging assignments.  The procrastination that was demonstrated was envied by other… Continue Reading Waiting for the Last Minute


Read the Instructions

I got stuck in the middle of the road.  My truck refused to move forward on the icy surface.  It was frustrating in that I was pressing the accelerator, and the motor was not revving. To provide some information for reference.  I bought a new truck.  Not many people noticed, since the truck has the… Continue Reading Read the Instructions


My Cadillac Floats

I pulled my Cadillac out of the lake last night. Without the proper context, that would seem like a drastic way to start a conversation.  My Cadillac is a 1950’s boat, made by Cadillac, which includes the classic scrolling Cadillac logo.  It is a massive boat, and on a lake that does not allow motors,… Continue Reading My Cadillac Floats


40 Years as a NMC Student

We are committed to the lifetime of learning mantra.  I started taking classes at NMC in 1978, taking a BASIC computer programming class in the basement of Scholar’s Hall.  After 40 years, this is likely my final semester as a full-time student.  In 2008, I retired from the Army with 33 months of education benefits,… Continue Reading 40 Years as a NMC Student