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My Cadillac Floats

I pulled my Cadillac out of the lake last night.

Without the proper context, that would seem like a drastic way to start a conversation.  My Cadillac is a 1950’s boat, made by Cadillac, which includes the classic scrolling Cadillac logo.  It is a massive boat, and on a lake that does not allow motors, it is powered with two short ores.  The weather was miserable.  The blizzard that had formed had forced me to row the boat to the boat launch a few hundred feet away.  The recent rains had filled the boat with water, which I did not fully bail out before the trek.  The weight of the boat, half-filled with water, made pulling it on the trailer an exhausting task.  My waders filled with water, which soaked my phone and wallet.  When I got home, I tipped the boat over, and left it on the side of my driveway.  The water spilled out, as did the leaves and pine needles.  It will rest there for the remainder of the winter, providing a home for the chipmunks during the cold weather.

I am not sure what analogies can be made with teaching.  Waiting until the last minute may result in worst conditions to complete a simple task?  Don’t assume the worse before knowing all the facts?  A Cadillac will float?

Now you can say that you know a guy who pulled his Cadillac out of a lake, then took it home, then parked it upside down in his driveway.

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  1. Mark DeLonge
    Mark DeLonge November 4, 2019 at 9:36 AM #

    I am sure there is a connection to grit!

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