Janet LivelyStarting in May, CIE will have a new director–Communications instructor Janet Lively! Janet has been at NMC for sixteen years as both an adjunct and full time faculty member. Before that, she worked as a newspaper reporter for fourteen years, a freelance journalist and a high school English teacher. She teaches English 111 and 112 as well as Technical Writing and College Success. Around NMC she is also an officer with the Faculty Association and was the Writing Director in the Communications Academic Area for five years.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but who is she really? I have known Janet since she arrived at NMC, and I can tell you that she is a good friend, an enthusiastic Spartan, a great writer, an involved mom, a hardworking colleague, and a passionate teacher who cares deeply about her students. She is looking forward to working with the CIE Board and the rest of the faculty as we continue to reflect on and improve teaching and learning at NMC. Best of luck, Janet; we look forward to seeing you in this new role!