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Conference Calling

decorativeI just returned from a conference of the National Association of Biology Teachers. This year the conference was in Chicago. It certainly makes it easy when the conferences are close by, hp the train in Grand Rapids, no fuss.

I try my hardest to get to at least one conference a year. I think it is good for your soul. Think about how you feel after our professional development day we have every year in October. A national conference magnifies that feeling. If you don’t go to conferences, you should really think about finding one and going.

We are very fortunate in the fact that NMC takes professional development seriously. So seriously in fact that they make sure that conferences are paid for. My colleagues at other institutions are not so lucky. if they want to head to a conference, many of them have to pay a portion, or most of the trip out of their own pocket.

Take advantage of this great opportunity we have and get to a conference. Preferably a national conference and see what your colleagues at other institutions are doing. It’s not only eye-opening, it’s fun and informative.

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