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Hacking a Learning Community

HLS logoHave you ever thought there was a better way? Whether that be grading, asking questions, inquiry, teaching? I want to explore these topics, and more. I also want you to join me in this exploration. Therefore, I am creating a Learning Community to address these very issues.

This Learning Community will read some interesting books, and discuss how we can make our classes better. We will also discuss the general direction of education, and what we can do to make education more relevant and interesting for our students.

We can start with the book in the Hack Learning Series entitled, “Hacking Assessment – 10 Ways to Go Gradeless in a Traditional Grades School.”

Let me know your interest and I will get a book ordered for you. It is a very quick read and has tons of practical ideas that can be used right away in your classes.

Just shoot me an email:


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