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Colorado's top 40: Curation guides

OER Curation Guides

Recently Tina Ulrich (retired NMC Library Director and current Creative Commons certified OER Consultant) shared these fantastic OER curation guides based on Colorado’s Top 40 courses with members of the OER Squad. The guides, compiled by librarians and vetted by faculty in Colorado, are really useful and introduced me to several new options for Open… Continue Reading OER Curation Guides

Person yelling

Would You Please Start Arguing Part 4 of 4

I ended last week on one way that I teach constructive disagreement–through investigating bias and trying a new argument style. Constructive disagreement is what I want from my students–at the college level, I want them to go beyond Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement shown on slide 6. Graham’s hierarchy starts with name-calling at the bottom and… Continue Reading Would You Please Start Arguing Part 4 of 4