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OER Curation Guides

Colorado's top 40: Curation guidesRecently Tina Ulrich (retired NMC Library Director and current Creative Commons certified OER Consultant) shared these fantastic OER curation guides based on Colorado’s Top 40 courses with members of the OER Squad. The guides, compiled by librarians and vetted by faculty in Colorado, are really useful and introduced me to several new options for Open Educational Resources (OER) for my courses. There are curated guides broken down by topic areas and resource types within each subject and include a quick description of which learning outcome the resource helps reach, a succinct rundown of any accessibility issues, the license type, and links out to the resources online. There are guides created for popular Math & Science courses, Social Science courses, English & Communications courses. I hope you’ll take some time to peruse the guides and check out new free and open resources available in your area!

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