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Tips for better screencasts

A screencast is a video and audio recording of your computer screen and all the actions that occur on the screen, like mouse movements, highlights, drawing on a whiteboard, or application switching. Screencasts can be used to record introductions for online classes, explain course concepts, or mini-lectures. Below are some tips for creating quality screencasts:… Continue Reading Tips for better screencasts

iOS notifications screen shot

So as I was saying…

“So I was reading The Chronicle of Education the other morning and…………wait, what was I saying. Oh yes, The Chronicle article, it was really interesting about analytics being used for student success and……… yes, it was really interesting. Hang on, I just got a text I need to answer.” Each pause in the above paragraph… Continue Reading So as I was saying…


Do you backchannel?

Do you backchannel? When I attend professional conferences, I often participate in the conference backchannel using Twitter to tweet from the keynote presentation and the concurrent sessions that I attend. I will also follow the backchannel while I’m not in sessions and look for the archive of all the tweets (sometimes created using a tool… Continue Reading Do you backchannel?