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Changes to Moodle Question Types

As NMC works to improve equal educational access for all students, the Education Technology department recently completed an accessibility review of Moodle’s quiz question types. While most question types met accessibility requirements in accordance with American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, five of them did not and have therefore been removed from Moodle until developers make them more accessible.

The five question types that are no longer available for quiz creation are “drag and drop markers,” “drag and drop into text,” “drag and drop onto image,” “select missing words,” and “matching.”

While these five question types will no longer be available during quiz creation, questions already created in those formats will (for now) remain in instructor’s question banks and will work as they have in the past. However, instructor’s should realize that those question types do not offer equal opportunities for all learners, and if an accommodations request is made for a class still using inaccessible question types, those questions will need to be changed immediately.

We recognize that quiz creation can be a time consuming and difficult process, and making changes to current practices is not easy. To help with this transition, please let the Ed Tech team know if you desire assistance with transitioning inaccessible questions into more accessible types. Our team will also be quick to re-open question types, and notify faculty, when disabled question types are updated for accessibility.

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact the Ed Tech department in Osterlin 134.

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