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CIE Reading Group Book

Each year the CIE Board selects a book which has connections to the classroom, but that also has ties to our personal and professional acumen.  The book for the 2015-2016 academic year will be How We Learn.

In thBook Covere tradition of The Power of Habit and Thinking, Fast and Slow comes a practical, playful, and endlessly fascinating guide to what we really know about learning and memory today—and how we can apply it to our own lives.

From an early age, it is drilled into our heads: Restlessness, distraction, and ignorance are the enemies of success. We’re told that learning is all self-discipline, that we must confine ourselves to designated study areas, turn off the music, and maintain a strict ritual if we want to ace that test, memorize that presentation, or nail that piano recital.

Faculty can get a copy of the book, free of charge.  Copies of the book can be picked up at scoring day on May 7th or faculty can contact Rita Kucera ( to request a copy.  We will then discuss the book during a session of the October PD Day in the fall.

Happy Reading.

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