The Announcements forum or QuickMail in Moodle are good tools to communicate with your entire class. Suggest to students that they regularly check their NMC email and check their Moodle profile settings to get notifications of new forum posts.  Use Remind to send text messages to your students about important due dates, assignment deadlines, or general class announcements. Remind lets instructors and students benefit from text message communications without sharing personal cellphone numbers. A Remind block in Moodle can be included in your course shell. Submit a help desk ticket to get started with Remind. Setting up a Moodle Forum is an easy way to discuss course content or assignments with students, or for students to share work or ask questions. LSU (Louisiana State University), in collaboration with the POD Network, has put together a thorough and valuable Active Learning guide that includes many examples of engagement and activity for different course goals. Please review this great resource.

Host Classes or Office Hours Through Zoom

Schedule class meetings and office hours using Zoom. Every instructor and student has access to a Zoom Licensed account. Use the Zoom Knowledgebase to learn how to schedule and invite students to a meeting or integrate Zoom into Moodle. Read a support document from Zoom explaining how to join a Zoom meeting. In addition, activities that can be completed using Zoom include:

  • Sharing your screen to teach students using documents or websites you would have been discussing in class.
  • Annotate and mark up your screen share.
  • Break your class into groups using the break-out room feature.
  • Use the chat feature.
  • Record your session for students that cannot attend the live session. Upload the recording to your Moodle shellIf you use Panopto there is an integration with Zoom which will automatically upload your recording to your Panopto class library.
  • Poll your students to check for understanding.

Zoom and FERPA* FERPA restricts the sharing of student records information, including student class-activities. To maintain FERPA compliance with classroom recording, it’s imperative that any class recordings which include any student activity are shared only with students and instructors who are in the same class as the recording. Class recordings may not be reused across classes or sections. Student class activities can include student names, voices, photo or video, and chat activities. Class recording content can not be shared outside of the class without a FERPA release from all parties. Faculty recordings of themselves that do not contain any student information or activities are not governed by FERPA and can be shared across classes and sections.

Recommended Syllabus Statement for Class Recordings

We will use technology for livestream and recordings in this course. Our use of such technology is governed by FERPA, the Acceptable Use Policy, and NMC’s Student Code of Conduct. A record of all meetings and recordings is kept and stored by NMC, in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy and FERPA. Your instructor will not share recordings of your class activities outside of course participants, which includes your fellow students and any guest faculty or community-based learning partners that we may engage with. You may not share recordings outside of this course. Doing so may result in disciplinary action. *Attribute to the Office of Academic Innovation at Portland State University