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Congratulations, Everyone! We made it!! 

If you figured out polling and private chat and how to screen share in a hurry last August (and then still struggled with it for weeks–or months) or if you had to learn totally new on-campus safety protocols involving shields and wipes and social distance. Or if you still, in Week 15, had to be told by your students “You’re on mute,” or you inadvertently recalled students from breakout rooms the very second after you sent them there. If your computer suddenly in the middle of class went blue and gave you the message “Your computer needs to restart. We’re just collecting some info, and we’ll restart for you.” Or if your students increasingly became black boxes as the semester went on . . .  no matter what crazy things happened in your classes this year, you–we!–survived what will surely be one of the most challenging years of our careers.


So pat yourself on the back, take a well deserved break (once those grades are in), and get ready for whatever the fall may bring! 

With all the best wishes for a very happy, restful and rejuvenating summer, 

Your friends at CIE–Mark DeLonge, Dan Goodchild, Tom Gordon, Steve Rice, Kristen Salathiel, John Velis and Kerrey Woughter


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