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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Opportunities

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team is rolling out opportunities for staff and students to get involved in making positive social change on campus. In the last months, 3 new subcommittees have been formed to work with our NMC stakeholders. Each subcommittee has co-chairs who are currently working on building a team and gathering data around the current state of the campus as it relates to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Employee Subcommittee co-chairs: Hollie Dewalt and Brie Mills
Student Subcommittee co-chairs: Sarah Montgomery-Richards and Sally Smarsty
Community Subcommittee co-chairs: Nicole Speelman and Nicco Pandolfi

Opportunities for staff to reflect on their own beliefs and practice are in the works.
Friday, October 2 Friday Forum consisted of a conversation around examining our own Implicit Biases and auditing how this is reflected in our professional practice. Check out this video from The New York Times Lesson Plan archives for 26 Mini-films for Exploring Race, Bias and Identity with Students: 


Additionally, all employees and students are invited to participate in the 21-Day Equity Challenge; enrollment is open now through October 10. The challenge is an opportunity to reflect on our own thinking about race and equity and engage with content provided daily to grow our understanding of issues of equity in our own hometown. The challenge involves a daily activity or reflection that will arrive in your inbox each morning. Participants are encouraged to come together for a mid-point check-in and a final debrief on October 22 and 23 and November 5 and 6. Invitations and links to Zoom meets coming to your email soon! The Challenge runs from October 12-November 1.

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