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Ed Tech: Working Hard All Summer Long

Congratulations on wrapping up a successful Spring 2018 term!

Many faculty are currently prepping for summer courses and some are already looking forward to August. Whatever your summer work plans entail, Educational Technology is here to help all summer long.

Disclaimer: When we say “work” we don’t mean we’ll help you with yard work or work around the house. We mean “work” like work work. You know what we mean, but we just want to make that point absolutely, unnecessarily clear. As much as we’d like to, it’s not like we can come all the way over to your house and help you paint that fence or scrape your popcorn ceiling. That’d be crazy. Can you imagine? We’ll be working after all (work working), and we’ve got our own fences to paint and popcorn ceilings to scrape.

Feel free to reach out to us for help with the following (and only the following):


Lecture Capture



Blended Learning



Course Development

Lightboard Videos


Online Course Review

Instructional Design

We hate to belabor the point, but above is an exhaustive list.

We’re also going to be rebooting our Summer Shorts PD Sessions — our online professional development series. If you have any interest in sharing something cool you’ve done in the classroom with technology, please consider using this as a platform to share your work with your colleagues.

If you’d like any help please feel free to submit a help desk ticket, give us a call at 5-1070, send one of us an email or drop by Osterlin 134.

Have a great summer! Don’t work too hard!

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