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End of Year To Do

Now that the semester end is rapidly approaching, the Assessment Team would like to remind you of a few items to complete in terms of assessment.

Gen Ed Scoring

  1. Please make sure that you are scoring all students in all courses that support Gen Ed in which you teach. This scoring takes place in your Moodle gradebook. Make sure you have imported the Gen Ed outcomes into your course shell and score all aspects/capabilities within the rubric within the gradebook
  2. If you need help adding the Gen Ed Outcomes to your course, start here with this tutorial/video demonstration(
  3. If you want to know that you correctly entered your outcome scores within your gradebook, click the Outcomes report tab in the View screen. You should see your course averages and the numbers of students scored (see picture below). Remember, you should be scoring all capabilities within the Gen Ed Rubric. For instance, for Quantitative Reasoning, score QR 1-4 for each student.

Picture of outcomes in moodle

Outcomes Report Form

Please submit your responses to the Outcomes Report Form in Survey Monkey, found here:  

  1. This survey replaces the previous General Education Report Form.
  2. This survey asks you to think about your Significant Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and identify which course outcome your students are struggling with the most. This outcome may be one that is tied to a Gen Ed Outcome, but it does not need to be.
  3. The outcome you choose from this reflective survey could be used within your Faculty Annual Plan to identify an area targeted for improvement within your classes.
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