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ePortfolios: An Emerging High-Impact Practice at NMC

During the October NMC Conference, Constanza Hazelwood and I led a session titled “ePortfolio: An Emerging High-Impact Practice at NMC”. The Association of American Colleges & Universities recently added electronic portfolios to its list of High-Impact Practices. The AAC&U is just one of many organizations advocating ePortfolio adoption throughout higher education because “… ePortfolios allow faculty and other educational professionals to help students organize their learning; preserve the variety of forms in which their learning occurs; and reflect upon their learning” (AAC&U).

Session attendees heard from several NMC faculty and saw examples of student ePs from a variety of programs across campus. Thank you to the faculty who willingly shared their process with us and a special thanks to those who showed up to share student work and discuss the variety of platforms used to facilitate ePs. These platforms include Adobe Spark, Wix, Weebly, WordPress, LinkedIn, ArcGIS, Behance, and Google Drive. Use our presentation slides below to link to examples shared during the session.

ePortfolios have great experiential learning potential. At the beginning of the term the Kristy McDonald and Brandon Everest, co-directors of the Experiential Learning Institute (ELI), visited departments to take an inventory of EL-related activities happening around campus. The inventory helped us identify the faculty who took part in our session. Moving forward, using ELI resources, we look to promote and expand the use of ePs at NMC.

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