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Exciting New Ensemble Feature!

The newest version of Ensemble (installed in November 2018) contains several new features, but the most exciting is that videos now allow instructors to embed quizzes and have those quiz scores automatically transfer to their Moodle gradebook!

The feature is fairly intuitive to use, and gradebook integration is smooth provided instructors add their Ensemble videos through the Moodle “Add Activity or Resource” tool and not simply as an embedded link. For more information, please read this tutorial (and watch the included video):

Using Ensemble Video Quizzes

To insure gradebook integration of the Ensemble quizzing feature works properly, it is important to add your Ensemble video correctly to your Moodle course. While in the past most Ensemble users have either embedded their videos within their Moodle pages or added them as a URL link, those methods will not allow for grade pass through from an Ensemble quiz to a Moodle gradebook. The correct process going forward will be to add an External tool in your Moodle course, select “Ensemble” from the “Preconfigured Tool” drop down, then adding the URL for your video. Following that process is the only way that grades will pass from your Ensemble quiz to your gradebook.

If you would like further assistance with this new feature, please contact the Educational Media Technologies Department.

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