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FedEx Day Delivers

This year’s October Conference definitely felt different. There was no breakfast or cheerful good mornings in the Sculpture Court, no fantastic chocolate cake and casual conversation at lunch, no popcorn and apple cider while debriefing and discussing at the end, no tiny print schedule to follow as you chose your sessions. But, wow, was this year’s version of the day creative and diverse! The entire college campus took the day to think and work outside the box. We integrated calculus and physics, we created videos and course proposals,  we researched OER, we reimagined virtual labs, we hacked assessment, we sautéed, we explored writing internships, and we built a kiln! So yes, this day looked quite different from what we usually do, but at its core, it was still about innovation, creativity and professional learning. And what was accomplished was epic and exciting! Review the slide show here and feel free to add comments to the speaker notes section if you want to connect–or reach out through email.

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