Educational Technology is seeking six peer reviewers to assist us in reviewing online courses beginning in the Fall of 2022. 

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) specifies that all online and hybrid course sections be reviewed every five years. NMC offers hundreds of online and hybrid sections each term, and we have a solid system and resources in place for course reviews, but we’re not yet completing reviews at a pace that meets the HLC’s five year cycle.

In response, the college has included the following action steps as part of the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan:  

  • Action Step: Increase the number of online/hybrid courses reviewed annually.
    • Target Outcome: Grow from 34 to 65 courses reviewed per year.
  • Action Step: Increase capacity for qualified peer-to-peer course reviewers from 2 to 8.
    • Target Outcome: Recruit and train 6 faculty to be peer reviewers.

We’re looking for six full time or adjunct faculty to join the two peer reviewers who are currently helping us with this effort. To receive consideration, applicants must have successfully completed Teaching Solutions (or comparable program), and must have worked one of their own courses through the Online Course Review Cohort in the past.

Peer reviewers will: 

  • Participate in the Online Course Review Cohort in the Fall of 2022, reviewing an online course in the process.
  • Review two online courses each term thereafter (Spring and Fall) with the option of reviewing two more courses during Summer terms.
  • Communicate review feedback to Ed Tech staff, course instructors and academic area chairs, offering clarification as needed.

Peer reviewers will not: 

  • Review new online courses or facilitate new online course development. 
  • Review courses within their own academic area.

Course reviews are based on objectives applicable to all online courses, regardless of subject area. Course reviews do not evaluate course content or rigor. The idea behind having peer reviewers is that, once trained, a peer reviewer can identify each criteria in any online course.

Failing a course review does not involve punitive measures for the faculty member who developed the course. If a course fails a review, faculty are encouraged to work with Ed Tech staff to fulfill any missing criteria. 

We estimate that training will take approximately 20 hours to complete and that each course review will take approximately 8-10 hours to complete. Peer Reviewers will be compensated at a rate of $30.39 an hour.

Email Terri Gustafson ( with questions.