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Horizon imageI would like to share with you a poem titled “Horizon.” It is from a book of poems by Rudy Francisco titled: Helium. I came across the book during a Read Harder challenge.

I hope I haven’t already driven
past my greatest moments.

I hope there is something
beautiful on the horizon
that’s just as impatient as I am.
Something so eager,
it wants to meet me halfway.
A moment that is diligently
staring at its watch, trembling with
nervousness, frustrated,
and busting at the seams,
wondering what’s taking me
so long to arrive.

This poem strikes a deep chord in me, and at times I feel like it is the way I view education and learning research. I am not one to be complacent about how I am teaching, and I wonder if the next big idea in education and brain research is just as excited as I am that we will  discover it soon.

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