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Learner Centered Teaching Resources from January Conference

We were honored to host learner-centered teaching guru Maryellen Weimer on Jan. 6 for our January Conference faculty professional development. She focused on the five characteristics of learner-centered teaching: 1) students are doing the hard, messy work of learning, 2) learning skills are taught explicitly, 3) students have some control over the learning process, 4) students are reflecting about what and how they’re learning, and 5) students and teachers are learning with and from each other.

As she spoke, she referenced the five pages of resources she had assembled, pointing out relevant articles we could go to for more information. At the end of her session, I wondered aloud if maybe our librarians could help us link to some of these articles, and Mary Beeker said she had already gotten started. Amazing. Our librarians, the most helpful and ambitious researchers imaginable, have now enhanced Weimer’s resource document with links to or PDFs of almost all of the articles. You can find that resource list here or on the Experiential Learning libguide ( You can also find the link on the EL homepage ( and the CIE tab on the page. And of course you can call the Experiential Learning Institute or CIE if you’d like more information about learner-centered teaching, experiential learning or any other teaching and learning questions you might have.

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