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Look at These Numbers

Instructors at NMC all know that we would be doomed without our amazing support team in the Educational Technologies department–especially since last March. They have answered all of our questions, walked us through new technologies, sympathized when we have felt we could not learn one more new thing. But knowing how amazing they are in general and actually seeing the numbers with our own eyes is a totally different thing. So look at these numbers from the Teaching@NMC site:

July 1 – Nov. 15, 2019
Users — 2,999
Sessions– 4,249
Pageviews– 17,237
July 1 – Nov. 15, 2020
Users — 266,675 (a 8,792% increase)
Sessions — 295,339 (a 6,850% increase)
Pageviews — 1,048,565 (a 5,983% increase)

How incredible are those numbers? So first, congratulations to Ed Tech for giving us (and all of the outside users who visited the public Teaching@NMC site) so many great resources to use. And second, congratulations to all of you instructors out there who took advantage of these resources they have provided! The dedication of everyone at NMC to providing our students the best possible experience in these difficult times is very clear in these numbers. Great job, everyone!

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