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More NMC Seinfeld and Summer PD

The 3rd annual Course Development Institute will take place this May 22nd – May 26th.  This workshop style week is an opportunity for anyone to work on a new class or to refresh an old class.  The week will include a mini-lesson each morning followed by a work session with support from your colleagues and the EMT department.  Watch episode 2 of NMC Seinfeld and read more details here. 


The 7th annual NMC teachingSOLUTIONS program will hold a week-long boot camp style session and a separate, your-paced, online version beginning in May. Learn Moodle and earn your online teaching certificate.  The boot camp will begin May 15th and run until Friday, May 22nd.  More details are available here.    Rewatch NMC Seinfeld Episode 1.


Questions?  Want to Register?  Contact Elaine (Kay Harris) at or 5.1957 or Jerry (Mark DeLonge) at or 5.1962.

One Response to More NMC Seinfeld and Summer PD

  1. Jim Bensley April 18, 2017 at 9:47 AM #

    Nice job, y’all!

    I’m wondering if you could get me Deb’s autograph? Her role defining work in this episode reminds me of a young Lana Turner, or perhaps Bette Davis in the seminal film, “Whatever happened to Baby Jane?”

    Honestly, I enjoyed the work you put into this. Even though it may not quite be ready for prime time, it certainly offers an example of how, as faculty, we can explore the medium and offer students a chance to use accessible technology in the creation and presentation of an assignment.


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