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New Permanent Online Courses

So you want to move a class online or hybrid delivery?!?

The normal development process for a class that has never been offered online or hybrid:

  1. Fill out the Online/Hybrid Course Development Request Form.
  2. Submit the form to your academic chair.
  3. After the course has been approved by your chair, attend a kickoff meeting with the Ed Tech department.
  4. Develop the course and submit it to the Ed Tech department at least one week prior to registration opening.
  5. Once the course meets at least 80% of the criteria in the Online Course Review Guide, the course is made available for registering students.

The normal process is on hold for now and many classes are being listed for online and hybrid delivery for Spring Semester.  The Ed Tech Department is available to help with these courses.

If these courses are going to continue to be offered online after this academic year, each course will need to go through the online course review process and meet 80% of the criteria in the review guide.

Please contact Mark DeLonge ( or Ryan Bernstein ( with questions.

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