Yellowdig logoThis Fall four NMC faculty members will participate in the second stage of a Yellowdig pilot program. Yellowdig is an academic social networking platform designed to “build active, social, and experiential learning communities for online, hybrid, and in-person programs.”

Three faculty participated in the pilot program last Spring and one additional faculty member joined the pilot for the Summer 2022 term. The faculty response was overwhelming positive following the first stage of the pilot. Read some of their testimonials. NMC students also responded mostly positively when surveyed as part of the end term course evaluation. View the student survey results.

All participating faculty members earn their Yellowdig Instructor Certification and meet with Yellowdig support prior to using the platform, which integrates easily into the Moodle course homepage and gradebook. Ongoing Yellowdig pedagogical and technical support is available throughout the semester. 

This Fall is the final stage of the pilot program. Starting with the Spring 2023 term, faculty wishing to include Yellowdig in their courses will add a student course fee of $11 to each course that will use the platform. Student fees should be added prior to courses being listed for registration in mid October.

If you’re interested in learning more about Yellowdig please watch our Summer Shorts session on the topic, browse through their website, or reach out to me. I’m happy to demonstrate how the platform functions, how it integrates into Moodle, and how the built-in analytics help you to visualize how students are interacting with one another.