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OLO for the Fall 2020 Term

Students enrolled in online classes have been required to complete NMC’s Online Learning Orientation (OLO) course since the beginning of the Fall 2019 term. During the Fall 2020 term, OLO will still be required of students taking fully online courses. OLO will not be required for hybrid, livestream or lecture courses.

Faculty teaching hybrid, livestream or lecture courses can request to have their students enrolled in OLO by submitting a help desk ticket. Students will still have access to academic course content. Faculty will need to guide students to OLO and make it part of the orientation to the academic course if completing OLO is a requirement.

Close to 4,000 students have completed OLO since 2017. You can learn more about OLO by clicking on the “Online Learning Orientation” menu item in Moodle.

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