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Panopto News & Upcoming Training Sessions

First, thank you to the 80-plus NMC faculty and staff who attended our Panopto Basics training on January 12. For a “basic” training, I know that a lot of information was thrown your way. The good news is that the more there is about Panopto, the more we can all do with the service. The better news is that, even though Panopto can do a lot, doing “a little” with Panopto is straightforward and easy.

If you missed the training on January 12, here’s a link to that session, hosted by Jay Minster from Panopto.

Having talked to several early adopters of Panopto in the last few weeks, the main complexity to using this new service appears to be with share settings. Panopto works much like Google Drive, in that videos you add to your library have adjustable share settings. Also like Google Drive, if you don’t have your share settings set correctly, not everyone will be able to view your videos. We are still working on our Panopto site’s default share settings, but it is always a good idea to check your video’s settings before sharing out links or embedding content in a course or on a webpage. Here’s a tutorial on how to do exactly that. Our recommended share setting for the vast majority of videos is “Public (unlisted): Anyone with whom you’ve shared the link can access the video.”


TUESDAY, JANUARY 25 AT 9 AM: PANOPTO BEYOND THE BASICS TRAINING: Jay Minster from Panopto will rejoin us next week (Add the training to your calendar) to take faculty and staff through some of the more advanced features of Panopto’s video services, including video editing, captioning, and embedded content (like websites and presentation files). This is another 45-minute training and will also be recorded and made available to faculty and staff who cannot attend.

MONDAYS & THURSDAYS AT 2 PM: PANOPTO W/ POST: CASUAL Q&A LEARNING SESSIONS: Starting at the (very) end of January, Ben Post will be hosting casual, 1-on-1, Panopto introductory and Q&A sessions on Zoom. These office-hour-style sessions are the perfect place to bring your simple or complex questions about Panopto and get real-time answers from your local Panopto “expert.” Find these sessions on the Keep Teaching calendar or add them to your own calendar.

If you have any questions please contact Ben Post ( If you need support, please submit a help desk ticket.

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  1. Judith Grenkowicz February 22, 2022 at 8:57 AM #


    Ryan Bernstein just informed me about your Panopto one-on-one training sessions. I looked at your calendar and unfortunately, I just missed the one today at 9 a.m.

    Will you be having additional training sessions on Panopto throughout the semester? Will there be one-on-one training sessions throughout the rest of the semester?

    If, so, I certainly would like to sign up for a session and get it on my calendar.

    Please let me know?


    Judith Grenkowicz

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