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Revelers at Roost: Bite-Sized Diversions from NMC Library & Friends

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Feeling a little glum at the prospect of a spring without Spring Break? Missing the steady stream of hallway anecdotes, bizarro factoids, podcast recommendations, and water cooler banter of the before times? Take heart! Your friendly neighborhood library presents:

***Revelers at Roost, A Staycation for your Mind***

We are seeking guest curators for a peer-to-peer mini-newsletter series to be released during what would typically be Spring Break week (March 29 – April 2). These curators will be responsible for five loosely themed daily messages containing links to interesting stuff on the world wide web (art, articles, comics, videos, audio, performances, quirky websites, etc). 

The wider NMC community will have a chance to ‘subscribe’ to receive these daily diversions as a way of breaking out of ruts and routines and finding out what our colleagues geek out about. 

‘Cool idea,’ you might be thinking, ‘but kinda sounds like a lot of work…’

‘We sincerely hope not!’ would be our reply. We’ll handle all the actual formatting and sending of these mini-newsletters. All you’d be on the hook for is submitting a single Google Doc with five brief messages linking to stuff you think is interesting or diverting and that you think your colleagues might find engaging, too. You could pick a single loose theme to organize your messages around, or they could be a reflection of your eclectic mix of personal interests. We’ll take care of the rest!

Interested in being a guest curator for Revelers at Roost? Fill out this bite-sized form by Friday, February 5th and we will reach out with more details soon! (Don’t worry, your actual contributions won’t be due until March, we are just trying to solidify the roster of contributors sooner rather than later).



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