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STEM Faculty 101 Course

Are you a math or science instructor looking to increase student engagement? Do you want to help your students understand the course reading, learn how to attack problems, and be more successful in your class? This six-week online course may be for you.

According to the website, in this course you will learn “how to identify and leverage your own expertise reading the complex texts–including graphics–of your STEM discipline, how to build strong social/personal dimensions in the classroom to foster active learning environments in line with current research on conceptual learning in STEM . . . [and] how to foster learning dispositions of persistence, problem solving and collaboration” in your classroom. For more information, click on this link, or contact Kristen Salathiel.

Registration for the next session ends September 9, so act now! If you are interested but would like to wait for the next session, click on the link in the website asking to be notified of the next session.


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