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Into the Fire!

Two Years ago I was presented with a new opportunity or challenge, to maybe change lives and create something from nothing. I had never been a teacher at any level and I now accepted the position of adjunct instructor at a college level. There was a small base for the class developed but nothing else,… Continue Reading Into the Fire!


New to Your Chrome Browser!

You will notice 4 new icons added to your Chrome browser: These are some new tools for accessibility in reading, writing, math, and reading PDF files, available to NMC campus wide and based on your NMC Google login. They are Read&Write, Equatio, Screen Shot Reader, and PDF Reader. These are all products we now license… Continue Reading New to Your Chrome Browser!

Online Learning Badge

Important Reminders About the New Online Learning Orientation (OLO)

What is OLO? Beginning with the 2019 Fall semester, students taking an online class at NMC for the first time and students who have not completed an online course at NMC with a 2.0 grade or better will be required to complete an Online Learning Orientation (OLO) course. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Moodle badge… Continue Reading Important Reminders About the New Online Learning Orientation (OLO)

Born Digital photo

Born Digital – Part One

Born somewhere between 1979 and 2002, the majority of NMC’s current students fall in the generational stereotype of “Digital Native”: never knowing life without computers, video games, cell phones (smartphones), and cloud computing. Assumptions abound about how this generation relates to technology, uses technology, and adopts it for personal or educational use. There is also… Continue Reading Born Digital – Part One