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Why I Hated

“Use Remind,” they said, “your students will find it so convenient!” “Remind is instant,” they said, “and all your students will see updates right away!” “Remind is Safe,” they said, “nobody will be able to see or steal your students’ numbers and they won’t see yours!” “You can schedule Remind Texts to go out over… Continue Reading Why I Hated


Skywalker or Lucas?

Since many of us are waiting in anticipation of the newest Star Wars episode, I thought I might use that for inspiration. I recently watched a TED talk by Will Wright (found here), twice. Will is a game developer and has most notably created SimCity, The Sims, and Spore. We was presenting on Spore, his latest creation.… Continue Reading Skywalker or Lucas?

An image of an old French classroom.

Heutagogy: just leave the manual on the seat

A friend of mine (and a career educator) recently shared an article with me titled Shifting from Pedagogy to Heutagogy in Education. ‘Heutagogy’ is a term coined by by Stewart Hase and Chris Kenyon of Southern Cross University in Australia. It’s derived from the Greek roots for ‘self’ and ‘leading’. Heutagogy is, essentially, self-determined learning.… Continue Reading Heutagogy: just leave the manual on the seat

Not Doing Nothing

Not Doing Nothing

Doing nothing is an option. Even when things are going bad, and something must be done, doing nothing is still an option. It may not be the best option, but it is still an option. I watched a student put together a circuit with a light emitting diode. The funny thing about LEDs, they need… Continue Reading Not Doing Nothing