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teachingSOLUTIONS 2018

Watch the Ed Tech team in our new NMC 13 News promotion video for the teachingSOLUTIONS program.  Justin, the weatherman, is the star of the show.


The teachingSOLUTIONS program, NMC’s online teaching certification and Moodle skills course, will be available again this May.  The program can be completed during the face-to-face boot camp from May 14 – 18 or it can also be completed in a separate, your-paced online version.  It typically takes instructors 30 – 35 hours to complete the program which involves a capstone project.  Adjunct instructors completing the program receive a $400 stipend with the completion of their capstone project.

Is Justin a better weatherman than Garry Frank from Grand Rapids?  Let us know in the comments.


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