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teachingSOLUTIONS: New Options for Online Teaching Certification


Your friendly Educational Technology team is now offering more options to become certified to teach online:

Option 1: teachingSOLUTIONS Virtual Boot Camp

Who: Anyone wanting to become certified to teach online/hybrid courses at NMC.
Where: Online (Zoom )
When: July 20th – 24th (M-F, 9:00 – 12:00)
How: Each morning there’s a one hour whole-group meeting. After that, we stick around for a few more hours to answer questions. Participants can pop in and out of the Zoom meeting as needed.

Option 2: teachingSOLUTIONS Online Self-Paced

Who: Anyone wanting to become certified to teach online/hybrid courses at NMC.
Where: Online (Moodle)
When: On your own time.
How: Ed Tech will facilitate a kickoff meeting to introduce the program/requirements. Faculty can then work through course content provided in Moodle to build their capstone project.

What does teachingSOLUTIONS entail?

The program is designed to introduce faculty to online teaching and the technology available to them as NMC instructors. It involves completing a capstone project, which is a Moodle course that features best practices in online teaching/learning.

  • The program takes roughly 30-35 hours to complete.
  • Adjunct instructors that complete the capstone project will receive a $400 stipend.
  • The goal for all participants is to have their capstone project complete by August 1st, if not sooner.

Why offer another opportunity?

Now that college has announced delivery methods for the fall and now that faculty have had a chance to determine how they will facilitate their courses, it makes a lot of sense to increase our teachingSOLUTIONS offerings. In mid May we facilitated the first boot camp since the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order. Over 80 faculty started the program at that time, many of whom have finished. This was an incredible response from NMC faculty members wanting to get ahead of the online teaching learning curve.

How do I sign up?

To sign up or to ask questions that haven’t been answered, please reach out to Mark DeLonge ( or Ryan Bernstein ( via email.

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