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Tech Tips: Gradebook

Does your Gradebook have alignment issues? Are you interested in using a 4.0 scale in your Gradebook? Check out these great Gradebook tips.

Getting your Grader report to line up:

Are you trying to enter grades and your students names and grades are just a little off?

We are working on fixing this little bug, but in the mean time: Turn editing off.  You can still enter grades and feedback, but everything should line back up.

Turn Editing Off button located in the upper right of the Grader Report.

Using a 4.0 scale in your Gradebook:

Override site defaults in Grade letters to set a 4.0 scaleYou can configure your Moodle gradebook to display a 4.0 scale in two easy steps:

  1. Configure the “Letters” in your scale and set grade boundaries.
  2. Configure your Course total to show “Letters”.

Need help?  Give EMT a call, 231.995.1070.

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