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The All-New August Professional Development Day

The August Conference has traditionally been held on Monday afternoon right after Opening Conference, but because this year will be very different both in terms of meetings and teaching, CIE has decided to take a different approach. Rather than spending an afternoon together right before classes begin learning synchronously, we are going to spread August’s PD over the entire month. This way, faculty will have a much earlier chance to begin learning, thinking, and planning for how to teach well in this new environment. 

The sessions will run from Aug. 4 to Aug. 18 and will be held every Tuesday and Thursday at 9, 11, and 1. Eight different topics will last approximately an hour and be offered multiple times over the three weeks. Full time faculty members will be required to attend at least THREE of these sessions though they may attend more if they would like. Adjunct faculty members are also welcome to attend as many sessions as they would like. Calendar appointments and a detailed schedule will be sent out this week. Please accept the sessions you will be attending and decline those you do not plan to attend. Adjunct faculty should keep track of the sessions they have attended and then submit those hours to their office managers for payment (at the normal rate of $20/hour).

CIE is excited about this new format and looking forward to “seeing” you all virtually soon!

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