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Travel Procedures for Faculty

If you find a conference or workshop or other professional development opportunity that you would like to attend, there is an easy process for you to follow. Here it is step by step:

  • Review Travel Procedures to get an overview of college policies related to travel including what kinds of expenses will be covered.
  • Complete the Travel Request form (You will need to make a copy of the template)
  • Submit the Travel Request form to your Academic Area Chair–if your request is approved, the Office Manager will enter your request into Banner for CIE approval
  • Once approval has been given, you may make hotel reservations, get plane tickets, register for the activity, etc. Do not do any of these things until your Request has been approved! 
  • Upon your return, fill out the Travel Voucher right away. Be sure to submit all receipts with the Voucher (except for meals–for that, use the per diem charts for the meals not covered by your activity)


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