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Two Takes on Assessment

I have been thinking a lot recently about assessment. First, I’ve been thinking about it because, you know, it’s a lot of what we do as teachers–we try to figure out what students are learning and what they are struggling with. Second, I was part of Nick Roster’s Hacking Assessment Learning Community last year and working with that interesting group of colleagues really got me thinking about grading in a new way. Finally, the idea of teaching all livestream this semester means that I–and many of us–are going to have to do things differently. And that includes assessing students differently.

If you, too, are thinking about assessment, here are two recent articles that I found interesting. Check them out!

From EdSurge: Should Colleges Rethink Final Exams in the Covid Era? Some Profs Try Epic Finales

From Inside Higher Ed: Best Way to Stop Cheating in Online Course? Teach Better! 

If you’ve got any articles to recommend about assessment, feel free to add the links in the comments below. And there are so many good articles out there right now about teaching and learning–I will try to link to a few in each newsletter. If you find any you think I should include, send me the links!


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