One of the great benefits we receive as instructors here at NMC is the ability to attend conferences and workshops through the financial support of CIE. There is a procedure to follow, however, and in order to have your travel approved in a timely manner, you should follow these steps.

  1. Fill out the Travel Request Form. Note that this form is a Google Doc so you will have to make a copy of the form in order to write in it. (You can also find this form on the MYNMC page under Forms –> Finance and Administration –> Travel Request and Reimbursement –> Professional Development Travel Request.)
  2. Submit your completed form electronically to your office manager.
  3. Your area chair will consider the goals and needs of the department and determine if your request meets those goals/needs. If it does, your chair will approve your request. Once you have received that approval you should go ahead and register and make other necessary arrangements for your travel.
  4. You can submit a Travel Voucher form for any expenses incurred at this point such as registration or airfare. (This form can also be found under Forms –> Finance and Administration –> Travel Request and Reimbursement –> Travel Voucher for Travelin/After 2019.) 
  5. Attend the conference, learn a lot, bring that information/insight back to your work here. Share with others who might benefit if appropriate. You may even want to consider facilitating a session at the Fall Conference.
  6. Submit another Travel Voucher form when you return for any additional expenses incurred including meal per diems.

Are you looking for some suggestions for good general teaching conferences? Check out the conference list on the site under the CIE tab. If you are looking for more discipline-specific conferences, talk with your area chair or others in your department. And always, if you have questions, feel free to ask me, Kristen Salathiel.