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WeVideo: An Invitation to Test an Online Video Editing Platform

The Experiential Learning Institute (ELI) recently awarded me a $300 grant to purchase 30 WeVideo licenses for students in Lisa Blackford’s Social Work 211 Introduction to Social Welfare course. WeVideo is a popular online video editing platform that’s intuitive and user-friendly. The good news is that we’ve got a few extra licenses so if you’d like to play around with WeVideo please let me know (first come first served). If you’re interested in applying for an EL grant for one of your projects, fill out the EL Resource Application

SWK221 students will be completing a Digital Storytelling Project this term. They have selected a social policy (i.e. Women’s Suffrage, Adoption, Service Animals, Special Education, Free Lunch Program, etc.) they’d like to explore. They’ll research the purpose, people and places behind the policy and conduct interviews with stakeholders and practitioners in the field. Students will be able to use over a million pieces of stock content (media, videos, images, music, etc.) in WeVideo combined with imagery, recorded interviews, and other resources they’ve collected to construct their projects. They can do this on a desktop, laptop, tablet or even on their phones. Each student will arrange, narrate and produce a 3-5 minute video that tells the story behind the policy they’ve selected. They’ll also be picking up a few video editing skills and reflecting on each step of the process along the way. We hope to share their final products at the end of the term. Check out more about WeVideo: 

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