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Write for Ice Cream

I scream.  You scream.  We all scream for WRITING… And some Ben & Jerry’s.

Cherry Garcia, Chubby Hubby, New York Super Fudge Chunk, Blondie Ambition, Chunky Monkey, or Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzz.

Our third annual, 4x4x16 Writing Challenge will begin the week of the October 26th.  ALL faculty members are invited to participate by writing 4 pieces of writing over 4 weeks that are each 16 sentences long.  Each week the faculty writers will receive a small incentive provided by CIE for completing their writing, and the first week’s prize is a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  You pick the flavor and it will be delivered to your office.  Spoon included.

Ice Cream Pints

So, what’s the catch?

No catch.  You write, and CIE rewards you for sharing your thoughts about teaching and learning.  Each week your writing will be placed on the site for others to read.

What are the rules?

The only rule is that you need to write about teaching and learning.  Please don’t let the technology discourage you.  If you can write a Word document, we can help you put your writing on the website.

The first posts will come out on November 2nd and conclude their 4 week run by finishing the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Last year we had twelve people writing in the challenge, and we have four people signed up to participate in the challenge this year.  There must be more people out there that like ice cream.

Contact Mark DeLonge ( or 995.1962) to sign up or to ask questions.

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