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Zoombombing: Protecting the Privacy of Your Zoom Meetings

You may have noticed some news articles the past week about Zoombombing: Random people joining a Zoom meeting and screen sharing not-so-nice content, adding vulgar language or commentary. Zoom has responded to these concerns by changing the default settings to host-only for screen sharing. This means that as the meeting host, you will need to grant permission to your meeting participants if they wish to share their screen.

In addition to the screen sharing change, Zoom includes two privacy features that you can enable for your meetings: a password or a waiting room. We have added a knowledgebase article stepping you through how to enable these features for all your meetings or for individual meetings only. Zoom has also published How to Keep Uninvited Guests Out of Your Zoom Event. Please submit a Help Desk ticket if you need assistance enabling Zoom privacy features.



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