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Man rolling a rock up a hill

Moving a Mountain

You know that one student as soon as you walk into the class. The one that is going to refuse to engage. The one that will do everything possible to resist ‘learning.’ The one that will even go so far as to appear a tad bit threatening to other students to ensure that other students… Continue Reading Moving a Mountain


24-hour Job

8:30 pm is the time I typically stop doing ‘work-related’ stuff.  This isn’t just grading, but this is often the monster load of it.  I find myself researching topics related to class content, reading updates that are related to my field, answering the never-ending flood of emails, working on projects that are happening this semester… Continue Reading 24-hour Job

National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

HH2 Awareness Project

Driving to work and my mind is full with a running list of worries of ‘what if’s.’  It’s my second time around of doing a ‘three-way cross-disciplinary experiential project’ of participating in the National Homeless and Hunger Awareness Project.   I am concerned about all the busyness of the project such as deadlines, the grading, and… Continue Reading HH2 Awareness Project