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Getting Help Readying Moodle for Your Exams

Since transitioning to distance learning, Ed Tech has seen a large uptick in help desk tickets requesting assistance with importing tests into Moodle. As we get closer to exam season, we expect these requests to increase further. To ensure everyone receives help in time for their exam, please make quiz transfer requests as early as possible (preferably at least one week before you plan to deploy the test).

To save time with Moodle exam imports, we also ask you to convert multiple choice questions into the Aiken format (NOTE: to import properly into Moodle, Aiken format must be followed exactly). If you are comfortable working in Moodle, you can also create and import quizzes without administrative assistance.

Of course, Ed Tech is more than happy to help get your exams prepared for distance learners. We just want to make sure we have the time to help everyone who needs it in time for when they need it.

For exam import requests, please submit a help desk ticket.

You can also connect with Ed Tech support via our Zoom office hours Monday-Friday from 10-2. Simply click on on this meeting link ( to connect with one of our friendly and supportive team members.

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